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Tools for Cosmetic Injectables: Everything You Need to Know

Tools for Cosmetic Injectables: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have the tools to offer quality cosmetic injectables? Since a rising 21% of the UK population has received cosmetic treatment, you can have a thriving business by offering cosmetic injectables.

However, make sure you're giving quality service with the right tools, or your customers won't trust your business.

We understand the tools necessary for clinics and spas to give safe and successful cosmetic injectables that will have customers coming back for more. Keep reading for the most important needles, syringes, and other tools in the industry.

What Needles Do You Use?

Needles will be the vehicle to transfer cosmetic injectables to your clients. Because of this, you need to pick the right needle for the job or you may cause unnecessary discomfort for your customers.

You should pick your needle size based on the thickness of your cosmetic injections.

For botulinum injections, for example, you'll want to use short, thin needles. These cosmetic needles will be one-use to prevent any cross-contamination. Safety is always a top priority.

Gauge Size

A needle's gauge is the opening at the tip. Gauges with a higher number value will be smaller in diameter.

While there is some discourse about the best gauge size, most experts agree that 30-32 gauge needles are ideal. The very thin size ensures that clients feel as little pain as possible. These small gauges also prevent irritation and swelling after cosmetic injection procedures.

For thicker fillers, you'll need larger gauges to accommodate the viscous liquid. Dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane will require 27-30 gauge needles.

How Do You Choose Your Syringes?

Next, let's look at syringes, the container that will hold the botulinum toxin.

Depending on who provides your injectables, your syringe for Botox injections may be included. If they aren't included, however, you'll need to know the basics of cosmetic syringes.

Syringe Size

The syringe size actually refers to its maximum potential volume of liquid. To determine the best syringe size, you should already know your needle size.

You'll also want an idea of how many units of injectables you'll be using. For example, a 0.3 mL syringe will hold as many as 30 units of Botox.

Syringe Features

Syringes are often manufactured with specific purposes in mind. As a result, syringe manufacturers have innovated helpful features for a variety of popular procedures.

One common and helpful feature for cosmetic injectables is the Luer lock. Syringes with the Luer lock prevent high pressure within the syringe which can lead to a disconnected needle. This is especially helpful for dermal fillers since the liquid is very viscous and requires more pressure to inject.

Exploring syringe features that maximize safety and efficiency will only benefit your business.

When Do You Use a Cannula?

A cannula is a flexible tube inserted via a needle as a way to deliver medication to a client.

Clinics and spas should use cannulas for sensitive areas. Using cannulas can decrease bruising and minimize the risk of injecting into a blood vessel.

You'll want to use a cannula for a wide area of distribution, especially in vascular areas. Experts often use a cannula for fillers around the eye and lip area.

What Glove Should You Wear?

Always wear gloves when performing cosmetic injections. You want to create a clean environment to minimize complications and help your clients feel at ease.

While this may seem like an obvious fact, what's not so obvious is choosing the right glove material. Many people are actually allergic to latex, a common material for gloves.

We recommend using materials like vinyl to prevent allergic reactions. Many businesses will have both latex and latex-free gloves on hand.

Whatever you choose, always check with your clients to determine if they have any allergies that may affect the procedure.

What Do You Use to Store Used Needles?

If you offer cosmetic injectables, you should keep a sharps bin in every room where the procedure is done. This bin is a safety measure to prevent any accidents involving needles or other hazardous waste.

Buy a bin that is clearly marked as a hazardous waste bin. Make the bin accessible for employees, but keep it out of reach for children.

Other Medical Supplies

Needles, syringes, cannulas, gloves, and a sharp bin are the essential items in completing any cosmetic injection. Cosmetic injectables aren't that simple though.

While we've covered some of the basic tools, there are a few other medical supplies to consider for your business. These tools are necessary to keep procedures safe and clean.

Disinfectant Spray

Invest in disinfectant sprays to clean the area before a procedure, after a procedure, and between clients. You'll also need disinfectant spray to sanitize your hands. While washing hands is more effective, sanitiser can be an extra step to make sure you're germ-free.

Pre-Injection Wipes

You can't inject clients without these pre-injection wipes. The wipes ensure that the injection area is clean before you proceed.


Always keep bandages on hand in case of bleeding. Your clients will likely experience bleeding from your cosmetic injections. These bandages will prevent contamination and customer discomfort.

Order Your Tools for Cosmetic Injectables Today

Now that you understand the best tools for your cosmetic injectables services, you can start taking action. Order the tools you need now so that you're prepared to impress your new customers.

Don't know where to start?

UKMEDI offers quality tools for all your cosmetic injectables. As a family-owned business, UKMEDI is proud to prioritise safety and quality in every product. For more information, visit our store and explore our latest products.

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