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Mojo Clinic - The Patient-focused Men's Health Service in the UK

by UKMEDI 15 Sep 2023

Founded by Sam Cook, Mojo Clinic is a UK men’s health service specialising Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Having been in the UK men’s health space for more than a decade, Sam had consistent feedback that men were unhappy with the options available to them for their TRT. Specifically, men describe how their ideal TRT service to:

  • Allow them to purchase medication from any UK pharmacy (preferably with home delivery) rather than being massively upcharged by their TRT service
  • Allow them to purchase/organise their scheduled blood tests from any provider rather than being restricted to TRT service’s own.
  • Have affordable and predictable costs that can be budgeted for, rather than the chance of unexpected fees causing unnecessary stress.
  • Have unlimited support from a knowledgeable team of those who have personal experience in TRT alongside the experience of having helped hundreds of men through the journey.
  • Have a sense of community for open discussion and support.

Mojo Clinic was set-up to meet these needs,finally giving men the treatment experience they have been asking for.

As changing TRT service is often met with the need to pay for a Consultation with a new doctor, Mojo Clinic offer a FREE OF CHARGE consultation when men happen to be on treatment elsewhere and would like to transfer.

Service costs

Initial Consultation Year 1 Year 2 onwards
New to treatment or on treatment <6 months £159.99 £44.99p/m £34.99p/m
On treatment past 6 month point FREE OF CHARGE £34.99p/m £34.99p/m


  • All doctor consultations
  • Unlimited support calls
  • All prescription issuing and medical documentation fees
  • Administrative team support
  • Access to private community forum (coming soon)
  • 60 minute video onboarding session

If you would like to know more about Mojo Clinic we offer a free of charge, no-obligation call to answer any questions you may have. You can book this now by visiting:

Alternatively please email: or call: 01225 63 40 40

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