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Catheter Tip Syringe: What Are Its Functions & Applications?

Catheter Tip Syringe: What Are Its Functions & Applications?

A catheter tip syringe is, to put it simply, a "syringe without a needle." Other names include "tipped syringe" and "irrigation syringe."

These syringes are often used to clean or flush a gastrostomy tube or catheter. They can also be used to inject liquids through tubes.

The barrel, used to inject fluids or drugs, is labelled with precise measurements of the volume to be delivered. A retaining ring is used to prevent unintentional plunger withdrawal from the barrel. Each syringe is carefully packaged and sterilised to ensure the patient's safety.

The majority of catheter tip syringes are made of polypropylene (PP). Its components include a latex- or latex-free gasket, a PP barrel, and a PP plunger. The 100- and 120-ml catheter tip syringes commonly come with connectors, whereas the 50- and 60-ml ones typically come with PP protective closures.


Additional catheter tip syringes have a minimum volume of 50, 60, 100, or 120 ml.


A catheter and a catheter tip syringe work together. A catheter is a flexible tube that drains fluid from a body cavity, most frequently the bladder, through a small opening. A Foley catheter is one kind of catheter.

The little balloon at the tip swells as it is inserted into the bladder, retaining it there. Once fastened, it remains until the water has been drawn out of the balloon by suction.

  • Using catheter tip syringes for sale, fluid is injected into the Foley catheter to inflate the balloon
  • Must remove the fluid injected into the Foley catheter's balloon to deflate it
  • To clean or clear an impediment from the catheter by flushing it with fluids
  • To use a nasogastric tube to administer fluids, medication, or an allowed mealtime
  • Clear an obstruction or clean the nasogastric duct by pumping fluid down it
  • Should infuse air through the nasogastric tube to ensure that the tip of the tube is in the stomach
  • To aspirate the stomach's liquids
  • Cleaning a wound with water
  • A thorough examination of the applications of medicine
  • Prostatic hyperplasia

Urine from the bladder cannot exit via the aperture when the prostate is enlarged. The obstruction, in this case, will be eliminated, allowing urine flow by inserting a catheter via the urethra.

After successful insertion, the balloon at the end of the Foley catheter is inflated by injecting fluid into it with a catheter tip syringe. The balloon deflates by sucking out its liquid with a catheter tip syringe when it's time to remove the Foley catheter.

Therefore, a catheter tip syringe must be used to insert and withdraw the catheter.

In addition to prostatic enlargement, the urinary bladder might be unable to squeeze out the pee in its chamber if the prostate has undergone surgery.

Therefore, it is essential to place and secure a catheter there. Similar to prostatic enlargement, a tip syringe is needed for catheter installation and removal.

While in position, the Foley catheter could run into problems. Sterile water must be supplied through the catheter to remove the obstruction and clean it in this circumstance simultaneously. A catheter tip syringe is necessary for this flushing.

Both before and after prostate surgery, the Foley catheter can be implanted. The Foley catheter must be anchored and removed using a catheter tip syringe.


Medical professionals can inject or remove fluid from the body using a catheter tip, syringe and needle. It comprises a syringe with an attached long, thin tubing. The needle is used to draw blood or inject the drug after the tube has been placed into an artery or vein. Using the catheter tip syringe, a multifunctional and crucial equipment in the medical industry is crucial for treating various illnesses. For these uses, syringes are readily available, so buy a syringe in the UK!

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