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A Checklist of Supplies Every Medspa Needs

A Checklist of Supplies Every Medspa Needs

Did you know that the medspa medical market is estimated to reach a Worldwide value of $36.8 billion by 2028?

The industry is growing rapidly, and if you're considering branching out and opening a medspa, now is the time to do it. You may be overwhelmed if you're just getting started, and you might not know what supplies you need to order.

Well, you've come to the right place. We are going to tell you about all the tools you'll need to open your facility. Keep reading to learn what is required in order to provide the best cosmetic procedures. 

Setting Up

You'll need to purchase chairs and other furniture for your waiting room. You'll also need to set up a front desk so people can check in and out. You may want to buy decorations to make the office feel inviting for your patients.

Before you open your medspa, you need to make a list of treatments that you want to provide; this will help you decide what equipment you need. If you plan to offer spa services such as facials, you'll need a facial bed; if you aren't, then you'll likely only need treatment chairs.

You'll need to purchase at least one refrigerator to hold the botox and other products. Start by buying one or two, and you can always buy another one if you need it after your business starts growing.

If you plan on offering laser treatments, whether it be hair removal or laser facials, you'll need to purchase the machines. After you have the machines and the setup done, you'll need to start purchasing tools for injectables, gauze, and syringes.

With these supplies, you don't have to worry about purchasing too much. They aren't perishable, and you'll be using them constantly.


After you have all your supplies, you'll need to order the product. At this point in the process, you've probably decided who your clientele is.

You'll market and order products based on what your patients want. Some of the basic and most popular procedures include Juvederm Dermal Fillers, Dysport, Restylane Dermal Fillers, and Botox.

Needle Kits

Different fillers and products may need different size needles. You'll need to be sure you've stocked up on multiple different sizes. A needle's size is called the gauge; the larger the number, the smaller the opening. For example, a 32-gauge needle is going to be smaller than a 27-gauge.

Using smaller gauges typically reduces the discomfort that a patient feels. Restylane is a dermal filler and requires a larger gauge than botox needles. Being stocked with all sizes will ensure you can perform all services.

In your needle kits, you'll also have syringes. These are the plastic pumps that attach to the needle that pulls the product from its original container.

When it comes to dermal fillers, you'll be able to purchase the product in the syringe and then add the needle when you're ready to inject it. You can buy needles and syringes separately, but purchasing them as a kit may be easier and more affordable for your business.


It's very common for people to have a fear of needles. Some of your patients may come in with anxiety or nervousness about the treatments, and it'll be good for your business if you can accommodate them.

A cannula is a thin tube that you'll insert into the body so that the product can be placed. The tube is placed via needle, but the needle only goes into the first layer of skin and is then removed. The thin tube then sends the product through the rest of the layers.

Cannulas cause less bruising than botox needles, and they can be a safer option if you have them available and are trained to use them. There is less risk of the product going into a blood vessel.

Safety Supplies

Like any other medical procedure, medspa professionals must wear gloves. This protects your employees and the patients. Ordering gloves in bulk can help you save money and ensure you always have them available.

You will also need to purchase a sharps bin. Infections and diseases can be spread easily through needles, and it's essential to dispose of them properly. Alcohol wipes are a necessity to keep the injection site sterile.


There are a lot of items that you will only have to purchase once, such as office furniture and medspa chairs. Many of the supplies will have to be reordered frequently, and it's important that you plan for those costs.

Syringes, botox needles, and gauze can't be refused, but you must have them at all times if you want to stay open. Consider keeping an inventory list, so you know when you need to reorder your supplies.


There are other items you need in your medspa that may not be the most important but will still come in handy. Disposable ice packs that you can give to your patients after treatment are a great idea.

While they may not be necessary, your patients will appreciate them. Headbands that hold your patients' hair out of their faces can make the procedures easier for you.

When you're getting all your supplies, it can be easy to forget about the front office. You'll need to have it stocked with computers, printers, paper, pens, and other small items.


Opening a business can be stressful, but once you have your medspa up and running, you'll be happy you did it. There are many supplies you need in order to offer the best services to your clients.

We hoped this article helped give you an idea of which supplies you need to purchase for your new medspa. Start browsing for your medspa items here, and you'll be opening your facility in no time. 

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