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7 Tips for Choosing and Buying Syringes for Beauty Treatments

7 Tips for Choosing and Buying Syringes for Beauty Treatments

So let's say you've recently started your beauty treatment services (or maybe have been in business for a while) and have been wondering what are the best syringes for beauty treatments. Understandable— this is a quite common concern as there's so much that goes into buying syringes and needles for beauty treatments.

If you found yourself confused about which ones are the best, look no further. This guide will share with you seven tips on how to choose the best syringes for your beauty treatment practice.

1. Knowing What Size(s) You Need

By far, one of the (if not the) most important things about buying syringes for your beauty treatment business is knowing the size you'll need. This obviously goes second to things such as knowing how to keep patients clean and safe during procedures, though that's a given.

There are a wide variety of different syringe sizes that all offer some type of benefit when used for beauty treatments. On the flip side, some of them might prove to make beauty treatments much harder to do because of their size.

This is why knowing which beauty treatment syringe size you need before you can even consider buying supplies is extremely crucial. It's important here to differentiate the syringe from the needle, just for safe measures. As a reminder, the syringe is the plastic pump attached to the needle that holds whatever filler/supplement that is being injected.

Depending on where you are, syringes can either be labelled in millilitres (mL) or in cubic centimetres (cc). In case you get confused or mixed up, 1 cc is equal to 1 mL.

This is when you should ask yourself how much of a filler you'll be needing per dose. If an injection requires a 4mL dose, it's probably best to get one that can hold anywhere from 4-5mL. You can most definitely use a syringe that can hold less, such as 3mL, but it would require more syringes and more poking.

This leads us to our next point.

2. How Many Syringes Are Necessary?

Some injections and fillers require much more than one syringe. This happens for multiple reasons so it's really difficult to pinpoint why, though it's usually done for the benefit of your patient.

We talked earlier about how you can maybe opt for syringes with less capacity than necessary, which of course will lead you towards needing more than one syringe per injection.

While this might not be beneficial for other treatments that require poking (such as self-medication), it can actually be beneficial for a beauty treatment! This is mainly due to some types of injections requiring more than one syringe baseline.

An example of this would be jawline contouring treatments, which require two to four syringes as opposed to something such as frown line treatments, which only require one syringe.

3. Know Your Syringes

Syringes are a lot like people. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, and some are more efficient at one task than others.

Becoming aware of the differences between syringe types is vital to determining the best beauty treatment syringes for your business.

We've already covered the most necessary part of knowing the difference between syringes, which is how much filler they can hold. You'll most likely be using injection syringes (which can hold up to about 30mL). Other types of syringes, such as irrigation syringes, can hold up to 60mL— not exactly a necessary amount for something such as beauty treatment.

Next, you need to know about different syringe tips. There are five basic types of syringe tips, not all of which can be used for beauty treatment. Regardless, here they are:

  • Luer Lock: Allows for easy removal and placement of needles via a twisting lock system.
  • Luer Slip: Simply slide the needle in, and friction will keep it in place.
  • Eccentric tips: Off surface tip is mainly used for injecting to the surface of a vein without passing the vascular walls.
  • Syringes with permanent needles: Needles are preinstalled, making the syringe disposable.
  • Catheter tip: Tapered, long slip tip mainly used for wound irrigation.
  • ENFIT tip:  Designed to be attached to Enteral Feeding Tubes
  • Oral Syringes:  Purple or Orange coloured syringes specifically for oral medications

Luer locks and Luer slip tips are highly recommended for beauty treatments. You can browse a wide selection of different syringe types by visiting here.

4. What About Needle Length?

No beauty treatment is complete without a needle, quite obviously, even if you have the syringe. Though the two are different parts that are purchased separately, knowing what type of needle length you need can help determine what syringe to buy.

Needle length will ultimately depend on how far you need the injection to go. For intradermal injections, a needle length of about 3/8" to 3/4" is good; 7/8" to 1-1/2" inches for intramuscular; and 1/2" to 5/8" for subcutaneous.

5. Also Consider: Needle Gauge

Similar to needle length, the gauge of the needle is also a necessary thing to consider. Needle gauge refers to how thick the needle is.

Smaller doses of filler will require smaller a smaller sized gauge. On the opposite end, larger doses of filler will likely require a larger gauge.

But another thing to remember is that the fluid you're injecting needs to be able to pass through the needle. If the filler is thick and the needle is thin, good luck getting it through. So take this into consideration when buying needles.

The most common gauge for cosmetic treatments such as botox is 30g. Some treatment spots use 32g as a way to reduce pain, though that is up to your discretion.

6. Weigh Out Prices

Okay, so by now you probably have a good awareness of what type of needle and syringe you should buy. But what about the price of them?

Well, that's something you'll want to consider when choosing between different medical supplies stores. Some syringes and needles are much cheaper than others due to a range of varying factors. This includes size, shape, the material used, quality, and much else.

We here at UKMEDI have an incredibly wide range of different needles and syringes. The prices vary depending on what you need, so we invite you over to browse our high-quality syringes for beauty treatments.

7. Consider Bulk Buying

One great way to save money and time (for nearly anything) is to buy bulk.

Buying bulk reduces the number of orders you have to make on a consistent basis whenever you run out of supplies. This in turn saves you both time and money.

UKMEDI gives you the option to choose anywhere from 10 syringes/needles to 100. Depending on which you need and how often you need them, you're free to adjust the quantity of your order!

Looking Towards Buying Syringes?

We hope this article gave you some insight and helpful tips on buying syringes. There's much that goes into the selection of both syringes and needles, but if you find yourself needing more information, feel free to contact us at any time.

When you're ready to order, head on over to our shop to start!

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