Sterile Gauze Balls

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The sterile gauze balls from Teqler are ideal for applying disinfectants, for cleaning wounds and for soaking up liquids such as blood or wound secretions. The inward lying edges effectively prevent the gauze balls from fraying. These sterile gauze balls are sealed 5 per pack in peel-off packaging that is made of a transparent plastic dish with 2 depressions and a special removable paper. The plastic dish can be used to prepare disinfectants or to hold used swabs.

  • Teqler gauze balls, sterile 
  • 20-thread
  • Plum size
  • Made of dressing gauze
  • Inward lying edges prevent the swabs from fraying
  • Good absorbency
  • Sterile peel-off packaging
  • Transparent plastic dish with 2 depressions, ideal for preparing disinfectant
  • 5 gauze swabs per peel-off pack (3 + 2, separated into each depression in the dish)
  • Peel-off pack is very easy to open, even with gloves, thanks to the pull tab
  • 1 sterile pack contains 5 gauze balls