Multistix 8 SG Reagent Strips (Pack of 100)

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Multistix 8 SG urine test strips from Siemens HC can be analysed both visually and with instruments. These urine test strips are shorter and more flexible than most other test strips, providing for a simple assessment even with a small sample quantity. The individual parameters are clearly interpreted thanks to the simultaneous measurement of the specific gravity.

Product Details
Suitable for visual and instrument analysis Particularly short and flexible - can also be used with small sample volumes Test pad with ascorbic acid stabilisation Identifying the specific gravity helps clearly interpret the results Sample material: fresh midstream urine


Reading the parameters:

  • Blood (b): Serious infections of the kidneys or urinary tract, urolithiasis suspected renal or bladder neoplasms 
  • Leucocytes (l): Stmptomatic of inflammatory renal and urinary tract diseases
  • Urbilinogen (u): Acute and chronic liver prenchyma damage, hemolytic jaundice, pathological state of the intestinal tract
  • Bilirubin (br): Liver parenchyma damage, obstructive jaundice (also indicating bilary obstructions)
  • Nitrite (n): Bacterial infection of the kidneys or urinary tract
  • Specific Gravity (sg): Concentration ability of kidneys, supplement for other parameters
  • Glucose (g): Early detection and supervision of diabetes mellitus
  • Protein (p): Symptomatic of renal and urinary tract diseases
  • Ketones (k): Metabolic abnormalities, indication of ketoacidosis
  • pH (ph): Useful in relation to other parameters, pH of >9.0 tend to get lower protein reaction