Swann Morton No10 Sterile Disposable Scalpel

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wann-Morton sterile disposable scalpels, sealed individually in trays and boxed in units of 10, are fitted with the following blades: 10

The scalpel carries a graduated measure on the reverse of the handle (for indication only) to mirror our range of metal stainless handles and is marked with the CE symbol which previously only appeared on the outer product packaging. The sterile scalpels are individually packaged into a transparent thermos-formed tray providing improved product visibility and developed to assist in safe passing techniques. When peeling the packet the seal changes colour thus indicating if the integrity of the packet has been breached and assuring the user of sterility up to the point of usage.

Disposable Scalpels are seen as a convenient alternative to the traditional blade fitted to a metal handle yet do not offer the same feel and lateral stability when incising hence why they tend to be used for minor procedures outside of the main operating theatre and on the Hospital wards. They can also be seen in the Accident and Emergency department (Emergency Room) where time may be of the essence especially when treating serious trauma victims.

Disposable Scalpels increasingly appear as an essential component of procedure trays and custom packs as well as within GP practice and specialised community based surgery centres as more minor procedures are completed within the non-acute homecare market and away from the main hospitals.

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