50ml Ardes Arplex Record Fit Syringes

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50ml Ardes Arplex Record Fit Syringes


ARDES syringes deliver the necessary durability to high-yield use for breeders and veterinarians.


Thanks to a brass rod and a body composed of innovative materials that have a high mechanical resistance. Moreover, the connection between the rod and the handle was studied to guarantee a high mechanical resistance.

Long Lasting Life:

Allowed thanks to high quality materials and anti-oxidation treatment for the rod and the nut. In addition, ARDES syringes are completely removable for easy maintenance.

Chemical Resistance:

To all pharmaceutical products (even the most corrosive substances), to high temperature and climatic constraints (U.V.).


ARDES syringes guarantee reliability in each use.

High Precision:

Delivered by an engraved graduation with black pigments. It allows readability without effort.

Injection without leak:

Guaranteed by a high quality o’ring made of silicone, non-adhesive and hydrophobic, which suits to meet food standards’ requirements.


Allowing a repeated use in respecting hygiene standards.


ARDES syringes present an ergonomic and handy design and permit an easy use without any effort.

Ergonomic Handle:

Developed to match the shape of the hand.

Without effort:

Thanks to a quality o-ring and syringes delivered already siliconized allowing a soft injection. Moreover, ARDES proposes silicone bottles to lubricate the o-ring after use.

Used for Vaccines, Antibiotics and Feeding Solutions. These Reusable, fully boilable Syringes ensure a high yield use.

Available in a wide range of sizes and both Luer and Record fitment, they are suitable for all sizes and kinds of livestock and come with a durabile and accurate promise.

Ardes was founded in 1956 and has been working with breederrs and veterinarians since the late 1980's, meeting the users need for non-automatic drenchers and syringes

For reliability and so as to respect the animal’s health, for each use of your syringe, ARDES advices three steps to follow. In order to facilitate these steps, all ARDES syringes are entirely removable.

– Disinfection after each utilization with the help of a solution composed of water and a disinfectant. For this, we advise you to dismantle the syringe in order to clean and disinfect perfectly each part of it.

– Sterilization to suit to health standards and reduce infection risk and disease transmission. ARDES advices a 30 minutes period in autoclave at a temperature of 121°C and a 18 minutes period at a temperature of 134°C.

– Lubrication of the o-ring to increase its lifespan and the reliability of the syringes. In fact, it allows, in one hand, a better precision with a smooth dosage. In another hand, it reduces the rubbing between the seal and the body of the syringe. Also, ARDES provides silicone bottles which have been developed for a precise application on o-rings.

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